Clinical -BioChemistry

Clinical Biochemistry
by Maxwin - International Diagnostic Reagent Suppliers

  • Smart Solution
  • Wide measuring ranges
  • Execllent Correlation to reference method

Dual Reagent Ranges

Product Code Name Pack Size Methodology
ALP01 Alkaline Phosphatase 2x50 ml Kin. AMP/AMP Buffer
ADA01 Adenosine Deaminase with calibrator 1x30 ml Kinetic
HBD02 Alpha HBDH 2x50 ml DGKC, Kinetic
BIL01, BIL02 Bilirubin (T & D) 2x50 ml, 2x100 ml< Jen. Grof's (EP)
CHE01 Cholinesterase 2x25 ml DGKC, Kinetic
CRK01 , CRK02 Creatinine (kin.) 2x50 ml, 2x100 ml Mod. Jaffe's - Kinetic
CKN01 CKNAC 2x10 ml Kin. IFCC
CKB01 CKMB 2x10 ml Kin. IFCC Imunoinhibition
HDL01 , HDL02 Direct HDL 1x40 ml, 2x40 ml 3rd Gen.Direct Clearance
LDL01, LDL02 Direct LDL 1x40 ml, 2x40 ml 3rd Gen.Direct Clearance
FRU01 Fructosamine 1x16 ml NBT
GGT01 Gamma GT 2x50 ml SZAZ Tris Buffer
GHB01, GHB02 Glyco Hemoglobin 10 Tests, 30 Tests Ion Exchange Resin
HCY01 Homocysteine with calibrators 1x15 ml Enzyme cycling
LDH01 LDH 2x50 ml DGKC, Kinetic
LIP01 Lipase 2x12 ml Colorimetric
PYR01 Pyruvate 2x25 ml Enzymatic
GOT01 SGOT 2x50 ml IFCC Tris Buffer without P5P
GPT01 SGPT 2x50 ml IFCC Tris Buffer without P5P
URE01, URE02 Urea 2x50 ml, 2x100 ml Modified Berthelot
URE01 Urea 2x50 ml UV GLDH

Mono Reagent Ranges:

Product Code Name Pack Size Methodology
ALB01MR MR.Albumin 2 x 50 ml BCG
AMY01MR MR.Alpha Amylase 4 x 5 ml CNP - G3
ACE01MR MR.Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 x 5 ml Colorimetric
BIC02MR MR.Bicarbonate 4 x 5 ml< PEPC
CAA02MR MR.Calcium 2 x 50 ml Arsenazo III
CHO01DR MR.Cholesterol with HDL 2 x 50 ml CHOD/PAP
GLU01MR, GLU02MR MR.Glucose 5x100 ml, 1000 ml GOD / POD
HGB01MR MR.HaemoGB 1000 ml CMG
MPR01MR MR.Micro Protein 2 x 50 ml Pyrogallol Red
LAC01MR MR.Lactate 2 x 10 ml Oxidase
PHO01MR MR.Inorganic Phosphorus 2 x 50 ml Phosphomolybdate
TPR01MR MR.Total Protein 2 x 50 ml Biuret
TGL01MR MR.Triglycerides 2 x 50 ml GPO / PAP
UAC01MR MR.Uric Acid 2 x 50 ml Uricase / PAP
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