Maxwin Rapid Cards
by Maxwin - International Diagnostic Reagent Suppliers

  • Fast Detection
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple, accurate and convenient
Product Code Name Pack Size
HBS50 HBsAg card 50 Test
HIV50 HIV 1&2 card 50 Test
HCV50 HCV Card 50 Test
HCG50 Pergnancy (HCG) Card 50 Test
TPH50 Typhoid Card 25 Test
HPY50 H.Pylori Card 25 Test
SYP50 Syphilis Card 50 Test
DEN10 Dengue NS1 10 Test
DUN10 Dengue (Ns1+lgG,lgM) Card 10 Test
CKG10 Chikungunya Card 10 Test
LEP10 Leptospira Card 10 Test
MAL25 Malaria Pf/Pv Antigen Card 25 Test
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