Blood Grouping Seras

Blood Grouping Seras
by Maxwin - International Diagnostic Reagent Exporters

In general, Blood grouping reagents are solutions that determine the blood groups. Such reagents comprise antibodies that check the presence of antigens on red blood cells cells; surface. These reagents are the reason behind the clumping of red blood cells, which consist of the antigen. .

Which criteria in test kits determines good test results?

Maxwin Healthcare is the undisputed king in this field.
We are ISO CE Certified manufacturers who always look forward to providing impeccable outcomes. We have achieved this through our employees who strive hard in the field.
Our people use monoclonal antibodies as blood grouping reagents in the right manner.

  • Outstanding batch to batch consistency
  • High Specificity
  • No Stickiness

The myth surrounding the cost of an Anti ABD Antisera kits
Yes, the Anti ABD kits price has been a myth. It is because many manufacturers tend to sell these kits for exorbitant prices. But, our company never stresses on the money. What matters is the demand of the customer. So, Maxwin makes the best kits that are a value for the bucks you pay. You can contact our support team, who, in turn shall provide a catalog of all In-Vitro diagnostics reagents exports kit prices.

Our Global Presence
It has been one marvelous journey as we continue to establish our indomitable presence in the International Arena. Our Clients belong to the following countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Senegal, Cameroon, Somalia, Cote d Ivoire, FIJI, Ecuador, Argentina, Jordan, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Myanmar, Indonesia, Phillipines, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Product Code Name Pack Size Methodology
MH07SER ANTI- A 10 ml Monoclonal Anti A Antibodies for slide and tube tests
MH08SER ANTI- B 10 ml Monoclonal Anti B Antibodies for slide and tube tests
MH09SER ANTI-D(IgG+IgM) 10 ml Blend of Monoclonal IgM + IgG for Rho (D) typing
MH10SER Anti-ABD 3 x 10 ml ABO / Rho (D) IgG + IgM Reagent combipack
MH11SER Bovine Albumin 22% 10 ml 22% Purified Bovine serum albumin for serological
MH12SER Coomb's Serum (Anti Human Globulin) 10 ml Monospecific Coomb's Sera
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